Even if a company’s core schedule is biomathematically sound, when supervisors fill in for absenteeism, it creates in most cases, egregious risks, or a weak link within a company’s overall fatigue management system. It is not possible for a supervisor to know what another person’s work schedule risk is, before calling them in to fill another position. In most cases, calling an employee who has finished his shift back in to work to fill a position, would result in a high-risk status for that employee and crew. That begs the question, who then?


Smart Relife OneWay SA

When determining the right person for the right job, it is as critical to ensure that this person is the most optimally alert to perform the job safely. Smart Relief taps into the FIRM database to retrieve the historical work information of each employee and uses numerous metrics to determine the sustainable viability of each candidate. It then extrapolates based on the current need, job type, historic work status, current risk status, future schedule, impact on future risk status and much more to provide a list of safe, alert, and qualified employees to select from.


How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Relief is installed on an in-house server and is accessible through any preferred web browser by authorized personnel.

It is highly recommended that the supervisor be taken out of the loop concerning fatigue risk determinants, while at the same time relieving all supervisors from making a bad choice. Candidates are ordered in declining sequence, from best to worst, based not only on fatigue risk potential for current shifts but also future shifts scheduled for the employee(s). Supervisors can work their way through the list from top to bottom based on availability of employees. Smart Relief also ensures for regulatory compliance in ordering candidates.

It requires the mapping of an API into the company's T&A system. Alignment with the companies web-based format.  The loading of a full spectrum organizational chart by crews, job codes, areas, departments, and their corresponding supervisors.  Anticipated leeway time is 2-3 weeks based on access given and data supplied by the client.

If employee contact information is supplied, Smart Relief can provide that to the supervisor on demand for each employee highlighted as a replacement option, for ease of use.  Smart Relief can be loaded with the clients’ custom protocols and regulations to comply with clients’ internal regulations.  Smart Relief will also generate reporting and can be used for auditing purposes.