tired fatigue exhaustion engineer worker hard working in factory. worker sick from Corona virus flu.
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Unlock the power of advanced and predictive analytics and software to improve industrial productivity and safety.

Safety in the workplace is not the absence of accidents; safety is the presence of capacity. We do not improve safety by eliminating bad elements, we increase safety by improving our systems, processes, planning, and operations. With our state-of-the-art performance management software solutions built on leading data analytics and business intelligence tools, your organisation will have that capability to predict impairment-related workplace risks and advance proven countermeasures when a risk is identified.

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Accurately track if a worker is sufficiently alert to perform their duties safely and efficiently, before impacting the work environment


A predictive fatigue monitoring platform
that anticipates when fatigue will occur in any
shift work environment

SMART Relief

Smart Relief establishes strategic safeguards when calling employees in to cover for absenteeism


LENS 24/7 Lifestyle Planners are used for combating residual impact of fatigue in all shiftwork schedules

Fatigue Consulting

Variety of services to support organisations to identify, control and manage work-related fatigue risk impacting worker productivity

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Fast, accurate, alertness tracking software for a safer, more productive workforce

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