PRISM Risk Intelligent Safety Module

Predictive Risk Intelligent Safety Module is a predictive fatigue monitoring platform that anticipates when fatigue will occur in any shift work environment. Using a proprietary predictive algorithm and an automated tracking system, it alerts any upcoming fatigue and then helps employers manage it in advance through an automated system. 


Employees and supervisors agree that fatigue monitoring improves job safety


Reduced accident costs


Reduced hours worked in high or severe fatigue status


PRISM-MONITOR gives managers and supervisors the ability to quantify and observe the potential for and the progression of fatigue. In addition, it can predict fatigue hot spots in individual workers, shifts, and departments, enabling fatigue to be quantified so it can be managed delivering safer, more productive shifts. 


PRISM-WORKFORCE engages the entire team with personalized alerts when fatigue progresses to at-risk levels. PRISM-WORKFORCE is also the only Fatigue Management System that can assess worker alertness relative to predicted fatigue. 

How It Works:

Three steps to a safer, more productive work force

Frequently Asked Questions

To deliver alerts and track employee dispositions, PRISM utilizes existing communications systems including email, dispatch, text message or SMS, message boards, radio, or mobile phone. 

PRISM can easily interface with any SQL-based data system and can work with any time and attendance or security systems that store data in a database and that track workers’ start and stop times.  

PRISM can collect and use key parameters from your 
operation’s databases, such as: 
• Static indicators such as operation certification, age, job risk profile, and performance history 
• Dynamic indicators such as vehicle speed and braking data, fuel consumption, and in-cab fatigue detection systems

Based on surveys completed in our fatigue management program, workers cite improved morale and feeling safer because PRISM encourages self-management, and fatigue is taken seriously at their companies, often for the first time. 


Virtually any setting where fatigue-related accidents occur could benefit from PRISM.  There is no shortage of catastrophic domestic and international incidents that could have been avoided had a product such as PRISM been in place. PRISM can provide a multitude of industries with demonstrable and measurable benefits through improved productivity combined with reduced human and equipment costs.

PRISM gives employees a head start on heading off fatigue. We train your supervisors and workers to leverage the indicators so that shifts are not interrupted.

Yes, in both controlled environments and dispersed environments. PRISM has important additional value as a compliance tool for contract work. Contractors and employees can both use the system, with separate tracking and reporting. PRISM works extremely well with variable schedules. The more geographically dispersed the workforce, the more value it can bring.

PRISM works with any existing scheduling platform and requires little hardware to set up. It has been implemented successfully in very low-tech environments.