LENS 24/7 Lifestyle Planners are unique and innovative instruments, which integrate and incorporate the best-known science-based practices. These planners are used for combating residual impacts of fatigue in all shiftwork schedules into very economical and easy-to-use science-based tools that are developed to not only flag problems, but to fix them.


How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

The LENS planners are designed and supplied to Company at the beginning of each New Year, preferably given out as a Christmas gift.

Yes, a full Train the Trainer (TTT) program is deployed to ensure full understanding of all levels of Best Practice Strategies.

The company purchasing the LENS Planner will receive a ‘Master’ template for each crew, in addition to copies supplied for each employee. Allowing the company to produce as many Planners as it deems relevant.

By applying the strategies to shiftwork lifestyles, based on biomathematical modeling, a minimum of 50% reduction in Significant to High risk is experienced.

Scientific evidence has proven that well rested individuals, in control of their lives have higher levels of:

· Performance

· Productivity

· Alertness

· Safety Records

· Health

· Quality of Life

· And Accountability