AlertMeter® – Fit-for-Work Programme

AlertMeter® : Fit-For Work Programme AlertMeter® is a cognitive test taken on a touchscreen device that measures a person’s alertness. It displays non-language graphic shapes that are optimized for either tablet or smartphone devices. Users are timed as they determine if all the shapes are the same or if one shape is different. click to […]

AlertMeter® Case Study : Use at Transportation Company

AlertMeter® : Use at Transportation Company With a broad range of transport servicing (truck, terminal and transload, oilfield, marine, rail, and more), the subject of this case study is a leader in providing world-class services in supply chain management in North America and worldwide. They are considered one of America’s safest companies and decided to […]

AlertMeter® Case Study : Oil and Gas

AlertMeter® Case Study : Oil & Gas In an effort to discover if visibility into real-time alertness issues could help Operators in a 24/7 control room, an Energy Company selected 5 Operators to participate in a study with Predictive Safety’s AlertMeter alertness test. As the individual uses the test daily or several times during the […]

AlertMeter® in Action : Transportation and Logistics

AlertMeter® in Action : Transportation & Logistics Performance data collected over six months of AlertMeter® use demonstrated its effectiveness in ensuring fitness-for-duty among truck drivers. For more than 70 years, Savage companies have provided transportation, logistics, materials handling, and other integrated services such as oil and gas, power generation, mining, ports and terminals, and construction, […]

Comparative Pilot In The Construction Industry

Comparative pilot in the Construction Industry A comparative AlertMeter® pilot was conducted by a global construction company from July through November 2018.  In one segment of the pilot, four renewable energy construction projects were analyzed regarding safety, productivity, and quality. Only one of the four sites utilized AlertMeter® to assess fitness-for-duty each day. The site […]

PRISM – Predictive Fatigue Platform

PRISM – Predictive Fatigue Monitoring Platform PRISM is a predictive fatigue platform that anticipates when fatigue will occur in any shift work environment. Its proprietary algorithm uses predictive modeling from lagging indicators and real-time analysis to manage fatigue before it can impact the work environment, reducing risk and increasing the quality of work and production. […]