AlertMeter® Fatigue Module is a predictive fatigue monitoring platform that predicts when fatigue will occur in any shift work environment. Its proprietary algorithm uses predictive modeling from lagging indicators and real-time analysis to manage fatigue before it can impact the work environment, reducing risk and increasing the quality of work and production.

AlertMeter® is a user-friendly graphic test that takes less than 90 seconds to complete via a touchscreen tablet or mobile phone app. The test results indicate the cognitive alertness of the individual and help provide a “heads up” to notify the employee or company when alertness is compromised. The patented design does not simulate any particular job function; it challenges several essential brain functions necessary for all jobs.


Reduced Fatigue-Related Incidents


Reduced Accident Costs


Reduced Hours Worked in Fatigue


How It works

Management of Cognitive Impairment

With AlertMeter®  you can manage impairment in the workplace effectively, by considering all factors and influences that can affect alertness of employees: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fortunately, most employees arrive at work ready for work, and an employee's daily AlertMeter®  "in range" result can provide an affirmation for that good practice. Data from over 75 million worker-hours indicates that, on average, only 1.5% of all AlertMeter®  tests will test out of range. Accurately identifying this small percentage who may be impaired due to any cause enables supervisors to open productive conversations and apply your standard company policies.  

Because AlertMeter®  only identifies when an employee's test results fall outside the employee's personally derived tolerated performance margin and does not indicate the cause for the deviation, your next step is based on your company policies and Human Resource protocols. 

Individual baseline scores are dynamic. The scoring algorithm adjusts automatically to reflect the user's natural improvement at the test. This is referred to as a "rolling baseline." 

No, all scores are specific to individual users and are independent of industries or sectors, other employees in the same company, age, and/or gender. 

AlertMeter® is available as an app for Apple iOS and Android OS smartphones, or it can be accessed with a Web browser on a 9" touchscreen, a desktop computer or a laptop. 

You can demo the browser-based test by going to https://onewaysa.co.za/#book-a-demo. 

Most organisations affix the touchscreen tablets to the wall or a table near clock-in devices or standard entries, in ready rooms, line-out areas, or similar. Another option for some companies is allowing employees to use the AlertMeter® app right from their smartphones. We recommend booking a demo to learn more about the access options that fit your company and your industry needs.  

Surveys overwhelmingly show that employees appreciate the non-invasiveness of alertness testing. 

Employees are assigned to Supervisors in the Admin Dashboard. If an employee is flagged, a text message or email notification is sent to the Supervisor. 

Gaming detection is built into the software. If it detects gaming, the system will abort for a set period of time. Because users will become more adept at the test over time, the algorithm adjusts baselines to account for natural improvement at the test. As a result, the system can detect if users are intentionally trying to manipulate their baseline scores. 

Not at all. In fact, people often find it enjoyable, and they like to see their scores as an insight into their present mental acuity.