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We provide proven, proactive solutions for a safer, more productive workforce

OneWay is the exclusive Master Distributor for Predictive Safety for all of Africa on the PRISM and AlertMeter® products.

OneWay is the leading provider of predictive fatigue analytics and human performance insights for the metal and mining, oil and gas, logistics and transportation, health, and aviation sectors. Our team specialises in occupational health, safety, production, and reliability to increase human productivity. This is accomplished through data-driven analytics, proactive management and the utilisation of safety solutions that mitigate risk and reduce incidents to help employers create safer workplaces. Our company was founded by individuals with life-long commitments to keeping people safe at work. We partner with our clients in their goals to honour the efforts of hard working employees.

Our solutions are built on scientifically validated biomathematical models that capture historical, real-time, and forecasted insights into workforce fatigue. 

Our culture

We believe in people over profits

OneWay empowers individuals to deal with the root of a problem instead of managing symptoms. Our employees are goal and purpose-driven and entrepreneurial thinking is encouraged. OneWay invests in replication of knowledge to ensure redundancy and longevity of employees and the company as a whole.

Our involvement

How we impact our communities and businesses

OneWay impacts communities and businesses by providing training for technology, behavior, leadership, lifestyle changes, nutrition, fatigue, and occupational culture as a support element for its channels, clients, and partners, as well as the design of their compliance standards and work schedules.

OneWay provides initial fatigue assessments, compliance planning, documentation for root cause analysis, and training for supervisors and their employees. OneWay also provides award-winning programs for families and schools with games, coloring books, and comic books teaching good nutrition and sleep hygiene.

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Our values

Our core values guide everything we do


Above all trust is the result of most every company value and an indicator for healthy company culture


To always act morally upright with no double standards and do the right thing even if it costs personal sacrifice


To be truthful, upright with loving and caring consideration towards everyone around us


To be committed and protective of the company and our clients


Never act in a manner that promotes or instills self-preservation, placing others above our own interests and acting in a manner that always considers those around us


To execute all we do to the best of our abilities, as unto the Lord, striving to always improve, grow, be goal orientated and to be the best


To always grow the company, set new goals, and grow as individuals


Support our employees to be problem-solving, curious, innovative lateral thinkers


Always put safety first, there is zero tolerance for incidents


To act inclusive to all staff, never in isolation


Treat all people as equals


Mutual respect lets all employees know that they are valued for their achievements, abilities, and qualities
Our team

Fatigue Experts

Fiona Saaimans

Customer Support Manager & Administrative Services – Executive Director

Malvern Mutopo

Onsite Technical Support

Jacques van der Merwe

Chief Executive Officer

Nelmarie Potter

Senior Account Executive & Training Manager

Dr Doug Potter

Snr Fatigue Specialist

Eddy Nhara

QL Database Administrator

Barry Stead

 General Manager

Ruan Brits

Operations Manager

Jarred Joseph Smith

New Business Development

Rini Saaiman

Customer Support & Administrative Services

Ryan Mackway-Wilson

New Business Development

Tyrone Van Deventer

Data Analyst

Shadrack Nene

Fatigue & Product Consultant 

Vivienne van der Merwe

Senior Accounting and Administration Manager

Neville Morutse

Onsite Technician

Ricardo Besta

Onsite Technician

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