AlertMeter® : Use at Transportation Company

With a broad range of transport servicing (truck, terminal and transload, oilfield, marine, rail, and more), the subject of this case study is a leader in providing world-class services in supply chain management in North America and worldwide. They are considered one of America’s safest companies and decided to implement AlertMeter® to help ensure fit-for-duty status among its trucking personnel.

The subject of this case study made the decision to get AlertMeter® after identifying fatigue as a major contributing factor behind recent safety incidents. By getting AlertMeter®, they hoped to be able to identify when a driver was not alert or unfit for work. They also recognised that utilising the AlertMeter® would
help them differentiate themselves from competitors and demonstrate their commitment to a higher standard of safety.

This company chose to use AlertMeter® on their existing truck-based tablets currently supporting their ELD / Telematics system. This eliminated the cost of additional equipment and allowed drivers to utilise a familiar device without disrupting routine.  Each time a driver is struggling with alertness, a dispatch manager receives a notification. They contact the driver to have an objective discussion regarding their ability to work safely.

These conversations result in a variety of responses- coaching to avoid distractions, counter-measures like hydration, effective use of caffeine, and more. On rare occasions, the manager may conclude that the driver should not be on duty, and then follow corporate policy to manage the situation. The AlertMeter® has been embraced by workers as a source of friendly competition and useful feedback to inspire alertness supporting lifestyle changes.

AlertMeter® use helped contribute to a more positive workplace safety culture. The added visibility of AlertMeter® is allowing supervisors and managers to acknowledge this fact every day and make more realistic and proactive safety assessments, as well as treat drivers with more understanding and empathy.