AlertMeter® in Action : Transportation & Logistics

Performance data collected over six months of AlertMeter® use demonstrated its effectiveness in ensuring fitness-for-duty among truck drivers.

For more than 70 years, Savage companies have provided transportation, logistics, materials handling, and other integrated services such as oil and gas, power generation, mining, ports and terminals, and construction, among others. With a broad range of transport servicing (truck, terminal and transload, oilfield, marine, rail, and more), Savage is a leader in providing world-class services to support supply chain management in North America and internationally.

Fulfilling their commitment to health and safety, Savage Services implemented AlertMeter® to help ensure fit-for-duty status among a group of trucking personnel.  Over six months, Savage’s use of AlertMeter® has generated more than 4300 individual tests among employees. During this time, total participation among employees increased from 45 tests to 360 tests per week with a peak of almost 90 employees. The average number of tests per week during the six-month period was 143.  Performance data collected over the six-month period demonstrate
effective use of alertness testing to ensure fitness for duty among truck drivers.

Whether due to a lack of sleep, effects from drugs or alcohol, illness, emotional distress, or simply distraction, AlertMeter® helps keep workers safer by providing a top-level screen to detect when workers’ cognitive fitness may be compromised.
Another common benefit of AlertMeter® is that it leads employees to manage their own alertness levels. A truck driver from Savage Services noted, “it takes one to two minutes . . . [to] self-identify lack of awareness from day-to-day.”