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Comparative pilot in the Construction Industry

A comparative AlertMeter® pilot was conducted by a global construction company from July through November 2018.  In one segment of the pilot, four renewable energy construction projects were analyzed regarding safety, productivity, and quality.

Only one of the four sites utilized AlertMeter® to assess fitness-for-duty each day. The site that used AlertMeter® experienced 34% fewer incidents compared to the average number of incidents across the four sites.

In comparing trends related to drug testing, the site using AlertMeter® had 34% fewer failed drug tests during random screenings compared to the other three sites.  Quality measures also produced encouraging results, as the construction site using AlertMeter® had 10-15% fewer loose/missing bolts compared to the other three sites. Internal productivity factors (including budget expectations) at the AlertMeter® site were 3% better compared to the other three sites, and leading indicator safety performance data (including workplace inspections) surpassed the other pilot sites by 2%.

These data are preliminary as the initial pilot spanned only a few months. The internal trial has been extended and continued data collection is illustrating the positive effect AlertMeter® has on safety, quality, and productivity metrics.