Managing Fatigue
Throughout the Shift

A complete system for predicting
and managing fatigue.

The PRISM fatigue management system provides
prediction and tracking to help individuals and
their supervisors get in front of fatigue. Using a
proprietary predictive algorithm and automated
tracking system, it alerts them to upcoming fatigue
and then helps them manage it in advance through
an automated system.

Added Value Beyond Data Analysis

Unlike data management platforms that only provide
the data, PRISM’s closed-loop system takes the
workers from notification through options for
managing their fatigue levels, and tracking and
reporting that includes a supervisor dashboard
showing the fatigue status of the current workforce
in real time.

PRISM includes initial fatigue assessments,
compliance planning and documentation, training
for supervisors and employees, and award-winning
programs for families and schools with games,

Employees and supervisors who agree that fatigue monitoring improves job safety

Reduction in incidents

 Reduction of hours worked with a high   or severe fatigue status

Improvement in worker attendance on night shifts

Source: Kolomela Mine Study, 2013

coloring books, and comic books on supporting
good sleep hygiene in working family members.

We can integrate this system into other proprietary
platforms as well as provide training and compliance
design with specialists in the areas of technology,
behavior, leadership, and occupational culture.


How does PRISM communicate to workers on site?

To deliver alerts and track employee dispositions, PRISM utilizes existing communications systems including email, dispatch, text message or SMS, message boards, radio, or mobile phone.

How does PRISM collect its data? 

PRISM can work with any time and attendance or security systems that store data in a database and that track workers’ start and stop times.

PRISM can collect and use key parameters from your
operation’s databases, such as:
• Static indicators such as operation certification, age, job risk profile, and performance history
• Dynamic indicators such as vehicle speed and braking data, fuel consumption, and in-cab fatigue detection systems

PRISM can easily interface with any SQL-based data system.

How can PRISM bring positive culture change to work sites?

Based on surveys completed in our fatigue management program, workers cite improved morale and feeling safer because PRISM encourages self-management, and fatigue is taken seriously at their companies, often for the first time.

Some survey results:
• Workers and supervisors agreed that using a fatigue monitoring system increases awareness of job safety and performance - up 84%
• Supervisors and workers said that PRISM gives them the ability to manage their own fatigue levels at work - up 46%
• Workers thought that PRISM would help management understand workers better and improve working conditions - up 94%
• Workers felt better about their work environment when knowing that employees around them were monitored for alertness/fatigue - up 96%

Instant Risk Notifications

Workers log into a Proof-of-Safety (POS) unit through your company’s proprietary OEM or through a personal device. Supervisors receive immedate alerts when workers’ fatigue
thresholds have been reached.


Improved Employee Performance

The PRISM system provides targeted countermeasures based on fatigue level to improve alertness and productivity.


Reduced Liability

Limit illness and absenteeism, medical and safety incidents, and costly insurance payouts while improving
your workforce’s quality of life.

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