Fatigue Management


How dangerous is your workplace?  How safe are you now?  Know the hidden dangers of fatigue with your workforce before it is too late.  Like a loaf of bread have individual slices, an FRA look at all the different components of fatigue like nutrition, sleep, ergonomics and work place challenges.


Do you always feel tired even when you’ve had 8 hours of sleep?  Learn the secrets of caffeine timing, detoxing and what might be poisoning your system.  Don’t let your team drag their boots behind them the next 20 years.  Give them the tools to understand their own fatigue and manage it. 


Do accidents occur on your site at the same time every month?  Let us analyse your shift rosters schedules and point out the danger spots in each. 


Fatigue start at home!  Educate the family on how to support family members working shifts, teach them about the importance of sleep and a healthy lifestyle.  Our booklets have information for mom and dad, the teenager and the little ones.  The youth of today is the workforce of tomorrow.

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