The Future of Alertness Testing

AlertMeter® is a non-invasive, user-friendly way to instantly make sure that employees are fit for work.

The AlertMeter® alertness test is a fast and easy graphic test taken on a touchscreen tablet or smart-phone that lasts less than 90 seconds. The interface displays different shapes that the user must identify accurately and quickly. The patented design does not simulate any particular job function but challenges a number of key brain functions that are necessary for all jobs.

“Our initial concern was twofold: workers reporting without an adequate amount of sleep as well as a defense against substance impairment. We found the AlertMeter® to satisfy both of our needs. An added benefit has been that since the employees know they will be tested daily, they are reporting to work in better condition and ready to go to work.”
—Gary Ostermueller,
Prudential Stainless Pipe

AlertMeter’s® scoring algorithm compares each person’s daily results with a pre-existing personal baseline. The system can also be used to detect subtle deviation in alertness levels for highperformance tasks.

Based on systems developed by Bowles-Langley Technology through NIOSH and the NIH, AlertMeter® is a top-screen indicator of employee alertness in real time. The system can be used across
an organisation every day to filter for potential impairment in workers, providing opportunities for self-awareness and managerial intervention and further action when necessary.

AlertMeter® customers have seen:

Reductions in employee turnover as high as 35%
Reductions in workers’ comp claims as high as 70%
Improvements to productivity as high as 11%


Where do employees take the test?

Most organisations affix the touchscreen tablets to thewall near clock-in or common entries. Another optionis using the mobile version of the test on smartphones.
Both tests can be taken at any time throughout the day, or multiple times. The test takes approximately 60-90 seconds and provides instant feedback.

What do employees think about AlertMeter®? 

Surveys overwhelmingly show that employees appreciate the non-invasiveness of alertness tests, and employers feel that alertness tests create a safer work environment.

How does management know when someone deviates significantly from their baseline?

The system provides a dashboard that is accessible for appropriate supervisors through login credentials. We can also set up text messages or other notifications for supervisors when a deviation is flagged. In addition, the user gets instant feedback at the screen after they take the test. Based on the company, the system can offer the worker a second opportunity to take the test if the deviation is too high.

Can you game the system?

Built into the software is a detection for gaming that can be made more or less sensitive. If it does detect gaming, the system aborts for a set period of time. As users become more adept at taking the test, their baselines automatically roll forward into more recent scores.

How is AlertMeter® used in conjunction with existing drug and alcohol testing protocols?

That depends on the organisation, but the alertness test provides an excellent filtering system for a random drug test protocol, or as a first step in determining reasonable cause.

Is it difficult to learn?

Not at all; the test is actually enjoyable to take, and most employees like to see their results.

Study Results on Alertness        Testing

According to studies, alertness testing was considered successful because it indicates:

• A person’s condition at the time they are
working, not at some point in the indeterminate
• Impairment from all sources, not only from
illegal drugs.

Alertness testing is less invasive of employees’ privacy because:

• It is not physically intrusive;
• It does not disclose information about
employees’ private lives or medical conditions


Employers who used alertness testing and considered their experience successful


Employers who found that alertness testing improved safety


Employers who found alertness testing superior to urine testing


Employees who accepted alertness testing

Source: National Workrights Institute: Alertness Testing: Does It Work?

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