Helping companies all over the world tend to their four bottom lines: People, Planet, Profit and Purpose.

One Way forms strategic partnerships with ethical market-leading international companies – offering in-country support.

We serve as a conduit through which international sustainability-focused companies can operate in South Africa.

Our partners enjoy in-country support. This includes financial, governance and BEE compliance in a market that One Way understands. So that you can focus on operating a business that you understand.

This mandate allows us to drive our vision of contributing to saving lives, enhancing productivity and enabling growth, both for the clients of our partners and for the larger communities in which they function.

About Us

Promoting Compliance, Creating Sustainability and Delivering Growth

One Way facilitates streamlined operations, expansion and rollout of our partner-organisations in emerging markets – with a core focus on the South African market.

 We create a structure that meets compliance standards and adheres to all local and international legal requirements.

 Our dual focus is on our strategic partners and the communities in which they function.

All of this, so that we can drive our vision to contribute to saving lives, enhancing productivity and enabling growth for both.

Current partners:

We care about serving both our partners and local communities. That is why we have created a strategic partnership with the global pioneer in fatigue management solutions, Predictive Safety.

 One Way helps deliver Predictive Safety’s PRISM product to mining and production environments across the globe – with a main focus on Africa and South America.

 This is achieved by facilitating the streamlined business operations of Predictive Safety in its various markets around the world. We provide a platform of control, access and transparency to Predictive Safety’s resources and revenues.

At the same time, we deliver and drive socio-economic upliftment programs for the communities which they serve.

 Through our partnership with Predictive Safety, One Way helps mines entrench strong safety cultures. With worker alertness levels remaining top of mind. This keeps production down-time low and staff morale high. It benefits the mining clients, workers and communities.

New Horizons Trust

Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development That Creates Economic Upliftment

Firmly focused on all four bottom lines: People, Planet, Profit and Purpose, One Way has established New Horizons Trust.

New Horizons creates opportunities through sustainable entrepreneurial endeavours. Serving the communities in which our partner-organisations operate, New Horizons Trust is positioned to create upliftment by unearthing opportunities.

Some of the opportunities the trust focuses on includes:

  • Training opportunities
  • Access to extracurricular activities
  • Nutritional guidance and support
  • Counselling and mentoring
  • Chance to get involved in entrepreneurial ventures

    We believe the restoration of family structures, improved education and the creation of sustainable businesses are key to addressing the root of poverty and sustainable upliftment.

    To achieve this in every country in which we operate, New Horizons works closely with local Non-Profit Organisations. We give communities the chance to further themselves in life. 

    This allows communities to start afresh. They get to expand their horizons – resulting in them being sufficiently empowered to elevate their own circumstances.

    New Horizons is strategically structured to create synergy for both our clients and their communities. The Trust and everything it does furthers One Way’s BEE status as well.

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