OneWay is a company that specializes in using data analytics to enhance human performance and safety. This is done through proactive management and utilization of safety solutions that mitigate risk and reduce incidents.

Every day we go to work with two things in mind:  1) How to make the world a safer place and 2) how to effectively increase human productivity. These can both be achieved using fatigue management technologies.

No matter the industry, no person should have to wonder whether their father, mother, or child will return home safe.

Why wait for something to happen, before you can make a difference? For more information about our world class safety services and software platforms you may request a demo or even download an industry whitepaper.

Products and Services


PRISM provides management with a 16–24-hour predictive window that is built on circadian science. By utilizing clocking/time data it is able to proactively identify zones of fatigue risk. PRISM also includes the AlertMeter Test.


The AlertMeter monitors everyone’s alertness levels regardless of the external factors impacting an individual. It uses a quick, simple, and non-intrusive test that captures this information for immediate action.

Fatigue Consulting

OneWay offers varies services that address fatigue and performance. This can range from site assessments, educational services, scheduling/roster analysis, and incident management support.

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